Thank you very much for applying to one of our Arts & Crafts Expo's!

You will get email confirmation from us that we can accept you, this booking does not mean you are 100% booked for the event until you hear from us in an email

You will get 3 emails from us about your booking:

Please check your spam, junk, social media & promotions folders!

  1. A welcome email​​

  2. A hold harmless agreement coming from a 3rd party software company for easy electronic signing. You sign it annually with us and it covers you for any events you do with us within that calendar year. If you already signed it from a previous event you will not be getting it again within the same calendar year. 

  3. You will also get an emailed invoice for your $50 deposit (at the appropriate time. If 30 days or less from the event, you will get it within 24hrs.) 


Once again thank you for sharing your passion of the arts and crafts with us and the world! 

In the mean time feel free to call or email us: 772-492-6105 

Tel: 772-492-6105

Florida Art & Craft Festivals

Florida Art & Craft Festivals