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  • Can I only exhibit for one day?
    No, we only book and sell space based on your attendance AND occupying your booth for the entire event.
  • Do I need my own insurance?
    Not at this time. Any important info like this will be on the booking page for that particuar event.
  • Do I need a pop up tent?
    Most of our shows, yes! One exception is Vero Beach beacuse you are under cover BUT it looks more professional and inviting to your customers if you are under a tent. 95% of exhibitors in Vero Beach still use a tent even though there is a roof over their head. It gives your area structure and looks good. A tent is highly recommended. Tents must be flame retardent as indicated on the tag or manufacturer info online and must be sturdy enough to handle gusty winds and to hold weights on it. There is no color restriction.
  • What is your policy for returned checks?
    Returned checks must be paid with a money order, cashier's check or cash within 14 days after we contact you about it. An additional $25 returned check fee needs to also be included for each returned check. Failure to do so may result in legal action and you will be unable to participate in any shows until they are cleared. Multiple returned checks may also be subject to a cash only basis for future shows.
  • Can I bring my pets to a show?
    We welcome both our artists/crafters and patrons to bring their dogs to our shows as long as your pet is friendly, well behaved, and kept on a leash. A lot of barking and you will be asked to remove your pet from the event. ***Our events at Vero Beach, FL at the Indian River County Fairgrounds***: No dogs allowed unless they are a handicap assist animal.
  • Who's responsibility is it to collect sales tax?
    You and it is your responsibility to inquire with the local department of revenue at each location of their requirements and sales tax rate.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit when I book a show?
    Yes, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit within 14 days after we send you your invoice to hold your booking. Failure to give a deposit will result in your booking being deleted.
  • When are balances due?
    All balances will be due 30 days before set up day of each event. Failure to pay your balance may result in your booking being deleted without notice and no refunds of deposits will be given. See the refund link under the "Exhibitors" tab on our website for our refund policy.
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
    30 days or greater. If you cancel your reservation 30 days or greater from the Friday set up day of the event you will get a 100% refund including deposits and paid in full amounts. 29 Days or less: If you cancel 29 days or less from the Friday set up day, no refunds will be given including deposits or paid in full amounts. If a show is canceled AFTER logistical and advertising arrangements have been made and paid by us, refunds will not be issued under our rain or shine policy nor due to any forces of nature, (i.e., hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes) as outlined in the hold harmless agreement. ​If a show is canceled BEFORE logistical and advertising arrangements have been made and paid by us, you will get a 100% refund. ​ ​All events go on rain or shine, indoor or outdoor shows. No credits or refunds will be issued if the show is affected by forces of nature beyond our control. Please check our website or contact the office for updates on cancellations resulting from severe weather such as hurricanes, tornados, flooding, etc. Please note, we will not cancel a show unless informed by state, city or local officials that it will be in the best interest of safety for all. If it looks like it is going to rain, unfortunately, we will not call a show prior to the event. It will be at the show coordinator’s discretion on site at the time.
  • Which shows will have a Friday night set up?
    As of right now, all of them do. You will be given detailed exhibitor set up info as we get closer to each event. You will have most of the day Friday and a few hours Saturday morning to set up.
  • Is there overnight security?
    Yes, all of our locations employ hired, insured, armed overnight security.
  • Does all the work I display have to be handmade?
    We allow 10% of our total amount of booths to be commercially made products. The other 90% have to be handmade by you. Once we reach the 10% threshold and you try to book as a commercially made exhibitor, we will notify you that we cannot continue with your booking.
  • Can I share booth space with another crafter or artist?
    We do not have a problem with it.
  • Can I sell food or alcohol
    You cannot sell alcohol and only prepackaged foods are allowed, such as beef jerky, honey, etc...
  • Can I drive right up to my booth to unload and load?
    Some venues yes, most venues, no. But you will be as close as possible.
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