Note: If any Art & Craft Expo on our calendar is canceled beginning in October, 2020 due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 situation, your deposits and payments will be 100% refundable.

Exhibitor Refund Policy and Hold Harmless Agreement. 

Any cancellation must be made in writing, either postal mail or email. Phone cancellations are not valid for refund purposes. Our refund policy is non-negotiable.

Please note: If you book our events and then cancel the booking greater than two times within a calendar year, your booth deposits will be non-refundable and non-transferable going forward for all events in the future. 

30 days or greater. If you cancel your reservation 30 days or greater from the Saturday of the event you will get a 100% refund including deposits and paid in full amounts.


29 Days or less. If you cancel 29 days or less from the Saturday of the event, no refunds will be given including deposits or paid in full amounts.

If an event is canceled AFTER logistical and advertising arrangements have been made and paid by Patriot Productions, refunds will be issued to the Vendor/Exhibitor totaling 50% of their total investment.

If an event is canceled BEFORE logistical and advertising arrangements have been made and paid by Patriot Productions, refunds will be issued to the Vendor/Exhibitor totaling 100% of their total investment.


Adverse Weather and the Assumption of Risk: For any event there is an inherent risk of adverse weather. There is an assumed risk of being a vendor / exhibitor, especially at outside events for both the vendor / exhibitor and Patriot Productions. All events go on rain or shine, indoor and outdoor events. No credits or refunds will be issued if the show is affected by forces of nature beyond our control during the event taking place. Please check our website or contact the office for updates on cancellations resulting from severe weather such as hurricanes, tornado's, flooding, etc. Please note, we will not cancel a show unless informed by state, city or local officials that it will be in the best interest of safety for all or a collaborative decision by Patriot Productions. If it looks like it is going to rain, unfortunately, we will not call a show prior to the event. It will be at the show coordinator’s discretion on site at the time.


HOLD HARMLESS & INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN Patriot Productions, LLC AND Vendor/Exhibitor submitting this application.

This Agreement shall be in place between Patriot Productions, LLC and Vendor/Exhibitor submitting this application and said terms shall apply to shows Vendor/Exhibitor is participating in with Patriot Productions, LLC indefinably, regardless of how many events the Vendor/Exhibitor attends with Patriot Productions or until and edit or revised edition is submitted. This agreement is effective from the date of submitting this application and it's acceptance. (“Vendor”) agrees to the following: Vendor shall be responsible for all damages to persons or property, theft of property, adverse weather such as rain, wind, heat, cold, lightening, thunderstorms including their vehicles that occur as a result of Vendor’s or its officers, agents, employees and/or servants fault or negligence in connection with Vendor’s participation in all Events. Further, Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless Patriot Productions, LLC, its officers, agents, employees and servants from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable counsel fees, arising out of any breach of this agreement, any suits or actions of every name, kind, description, brought for, or on account of, injuries to or death of any person or damage to property resulting from the fault or negligence of Vendor, its officers, agents, employees and/or servants in connection with all Events. The vendor/exhibitor will also hold harmless Patriot Productions, LLC from any financial loss, injury, death due to an act of God scenario resulting in cancellation of the event, i.e. but not limited to hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flooding, cold front resulting in extreme rain, lightening.


**Securing tents is MANDATORY, retail products, tables, personal products, food vendor equipment & products etc. from wind and adverse weather is sole responsibility of the vendor. Failure to secure these products and/or weighing them down is the risk of the vendor and Patriot Productions, LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for damages to the vendor, its employees & volunteers, and event patrons or equipment as a result of vendor not properly securing tents or any other equipment or products. The vendor will be responsible for damages to other vendors or Patriot Productions for failure to properly secure tents and equipment. This extends to inside and outside events. The vendor holds Patriot Productions harmless for these damages. We inspect all tents on Friday and Saturday. If your tent is not secured you will be notified to get weights to secure your tent or leave the event. A minimum of 30 pounds of weight per tent leg must be utilized. If you don’t secure your tent you will be asked to take your tent down. No refunds given if you are told to break down your tent due to you not having it secured.

You will be requried to either sign the hold harmless agreement or agree to it during the application process in order to participate in any event.

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